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Join research groups led by postgraduate, postdoctoral, and professional researchers! Spend 5-10 hours a week making a difference while getting valuable research experience working on the world's most pressing problems.We focus on global issues where research can potentially have an outsized impact, and where we can attain excellent mentors to support junior researchers.
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Research Areas

Global Health and Development

Extreme poverty and easily preventable diseases are still widespread in low-income countries. Targeted public health and development interventions can help mitigate this cost-effectively.

Artifical Intelligence Safety and Policy

Technical and policy work are needed to ensure increasingly advanced AI systems are safe and aligned with human values, which may be crucial to prevent unintended and potentially catastrophic consequences.

Global Priorities Research

Examining historical societies makes it clear that questions of humanity's priorities are key to avoiding moral catastrophe and making the world better, yet remain a highly neglected area.

Biosecurity and Pandemic Prevention

We also support and collaborate with Biosecurity groups, which focus on biological threats such as engineered pandemics that have the potential to cause immense harm on a global scale.

Potential Future Research Areas

While we're currently focusing on a few areas, we are excited to expand further in the future and enable work on more pressing global issues. If you're interested in these areas, sign up to our mailing list below!

Animal Welfare

Billions of factory farmed animals are raised in terrible conditions, despite their capacity for sentience and experiencing suffering. Their suffering can be alleviated easily.

Risks from Nuclear War

Humanity has come close to nuclear war several times in the last century, and a potential nuclear war could kill billions through direct harm as well as effects on climate and agriculture.

Climate Change

Climate change has the potential to be hugely destructive to our planet and destabilising to our society; destroying ecosystems, forcing migration, and putting millions into poverty.

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